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13539 Garner Road
Chico, California 95973


Church: 530.343.0555

Fax: 530.343.0758

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What's Happening...

Join us for our annual soulwinning seminar beginning September 28, and continuing October 1st and 4th as we become better equipped to fulfill the Great Commission and spread the gospel throughout the entire world. We will be challenged in our commitment, and taught how to effectively win souls to Christ.

Coming Soon

Soulwinning Seminar, Part 2
  • October 1
Soulwinning Seminar, Part 3
  • October 4
Lord's Supper
  • October 5
Xtreme Teens Corn Maze Activity
  • October 10
Singles' Sequester
  • October 10-11


Offering over 34 years of excellence in Christ-centered education along with first- class facilities, qualified teachers, and amazing academics.

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