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13539 Garner Road
Chico, California 95973


Church: 530.343.0555

Fax: 530.343.0758

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Men and Couples

1-2                Pastor and Brad Karhu-Ronneberg

3-4                Caleb Cheedie and Frankie Rodriguez

5-6                Marc Likins and Josh Klingbeil

7-8                John Stalions and Darrell Easton

9-10              Mike Strouf and Blake Koch

11-12            Aaron Adelman and Brian Muller

13-14            Josh Anders and Josh Miller

15-16            Omar Badie and Lonnie Miller

17-18            Matthew Beard and Jim Scruggs

19-20            Mike Cardenas and Tim Garcia

21-22            Scott Carnagey and Tom Goodman

23-24            Justin Castillo and Tony Nunes

25-26            Brian Clark and Wayne Bashaw

27-28            John Crary and Kevin Williams

29-30            David Doolittle and Bill Fedorko

31-32            Tim Edwards Jr. and Matthew Wood

33-34            Tim Edwards Sr. and Lynn Garza

35-36            Joe Garza and Mike Gatlin

37-38            Travis Goodman and Vat Mao

39-40            Scott Hubbard and Allen Stalions

41-42            Jack Hubbard and Kirk Willard

43-44            David McIntyre and Patrick Perkins

45-46            Brian Michaud and Mike Mossman

47-48            John Neal and Rodney Worthington

49-50            Shawn Schudel and Jon Wallander

51-52            Bobby Sweet and Dennis Wood    

53-54            Richard Price and Larry Wilson

55-56            David Turri and Marc Parker

57-58            David Housewright and Douglas Yates

59-60            Troy and Emily Hand

61-62            Jim and Terry Dryer

63-64            Mike and Milissa Layfield

65-66            Rich and Robin Snyder

67-68            Kevin and Kathy Williams

69-70            Jerry and Bobbie Benefield

71-72            Jim and Kandi Davis


1-2                Terry Ruhl and Bettie Willard

3-4                Candy Alvis and Pat Whitcomb

5-6                Katherine Stalions and Milissa Layfield

7-8                Christy Fedorko and Sherrey Vaughn

9-10              Maggie Likins and Jessica Rodriguez

11-12            Julie Adelman and Josephine Goodman

13-14            Cindy Alderson and Rhonda Supanich

15-16            Stephanie Anders and Valerie Anders

17-18            Jynaia Badie and Maria Wallander

19-20            Patty Beard and Jaimee Wood

21-22            Adriane Byrd and Courtney Edwards

23-24            Kim Cardenas and Ebony Easton

25-26            Ashley Carnagey and Amanda Simpson

27-28            Tassy Clark and Kelly Miller

29-30            Laura and Caitlin Deaver

31-32            Vivian Davis and Kim Kleimann

33-34            Marie Fickert and Carmen Griffin

35-36            Mary Fisher and Kathleen Hicks

37-38            Robyn Gatlin and Margaret Weber

39-40            Lois Henderson and Helene Hubbard

41-42            Barbara Hurford and Valerie Sanders

43-44            Vera Kempton and Melba Keeling

45-46            Maxine Landers and Michelle Wemmer

47-48            Edith Melvin and Joan Mayes

49-50            Jan O’Keefe and Bonnie Stevens

51-52            Kami Williams and Chelsea Ortiz

53-54            Betty Pareno and Wanda Perry

55-56            Jan Swaffer and Elsie Kolosick

57-58            Denise Parker and Wanda Perry

59-60            Stephanie Price and Julia Ronneberg

61-62            Cori Miller and Pat Wood


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