The focus of the ministry to our K-12 graders at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church is to teach them of God’s love and how they can apply His love to their lives each day. Teaching about God and Jesus plays an important role in helping children understand salvation. We provide a Biblical framework for laying a foundation that becomes the pathway to conversion, spiritual growth, and a Biblical worldview. We want children to HEAR God’s Word, KNOW God’s Word, and DO God’s Word!


Our LifeStages Adult Sunday School program allows everyone to find a class that is the perfect fit for whatever stage of life they may be in.  These smaller classes allow people to connect with others just like them in a more personal setting.  Each class is taught by caring teachers who immerse themselves in God’s Word. We are confident that you will find a class that is just right for you!


Home Builders

led by Pastor and Mrs. Ruhl.  This class is for married couples, and meets every Sunday morning in the Main Auditorium.


Solid Foundations

led by Kevin and Kathy Williams.  This class is for single adults, ages 18-30, and meets upstairs every Sunday in the Red Room of our Christian Life Center building.


The Legacy Class

led by Seth and Malinda Riojas.  This class is for married couples who are "empty nesters" and our Senior Saints. They meet every Sunday morning in Modular 3.