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Philosophy of Christian Education

   The finest education is virtually worthless unless your child develops the self discipline, drive, and determination that is essential if he or she is to succeed in life. The Pleasant Valley Baptist Schools are built upon the premise that God's Word, the Bible, when applied to a child's life, will provide him or her with the time-tested principles that will enable him or her to set proper goals and give him or her the strength to achieve them. The Pleasant Valley Baptist Schools will consistently reinforce the parents' authority in the home and the leadership of the pastor in the church, as well as a sincere sense of duty to God and country. Pleasant Valley Baptist Schools consistently strives to achieve the following goals with each of its students:

1.    To have each student to receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour
2.    To teach each student to be a soul winner
3.    To teach each student to love the Word of God
4.    To teach each student the fear of God
5.    To teach each student to hate sin
6.    To create in each student an attitude of excellence
7.    To  teach each student to praise God

It is our sincere goal to teach every child how to live with one's self, one's neighbor, and one's God. By fulfilling this task, we shall produce great leaders for tomorrow.

It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.

George Washington,

First President of the United States of America

God's Word, the Bible, when applied to a child's life, will provide him or her with the time-tested principles that will enable him or her to set proper goals.


Faculty & Staff

Pastor Tim Ruhl

Pastor Ruhl is currently our School Administrator. He greets all the students every morning and does a daily devotional with all the students. 

Mrs. Terry Ruhl

Mrs. Ruhl has been teaching for over 25 years. She teaches our K4 and Kindergarten classes, and has a genuine love and concern for each of her students.

Mr. Seth Riojas

Mr. Seth Riojas is a new addition to our staff. He teaches in our high school and is involved in many aspects of the student’s day to day activities.

Ms. Charity Steigerwald

Charity Steigerwald is an Elementary School teacher that has taught at PVBS for 4 years. She has a passion to not only teach students academics, but is passionate about teaching music and drama to her students.

Mrs. Malinda Riojas

Mrs. Riojas works with our elementary students and offers piano lessons. She has over 10 years of teaching experience and has been a wonderful addition to our staff.

Ms. Katherine Stalions

Katherine Stalions is not only a teacher, but a product of Pleasant Valley Baptist Schools, as she attended from 2nd grade through graduation. She has been teaching for 13 years the last 9 at PVBS.  


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